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 Why Vehicle Wraps Are Mobile Billboards

Why Vehicle Wraps Are Mobile Billboards

The return on investment of vehicle wrapping advertisements is quite high, which makes the vehicle wrapping option in outdoor advertising more and more popular day by day. We have discussed some details that will make it easier for you to understand why the vehicle wrap is a mobile billboard below:

Introduction to Vehicle Wraps as Mobile Billboards

The easiest way to introduce not only your products and services but also your brand’s vision and mission to the public is vehicle wrapping. Brand recognition is increased with vehicle wrapping, which is considered as mobile billboards. Since vehicles are in motion, they reach more people and therefore the ROI (return on investment) of vehicle wrap ads is much higher. It should also be taken into consideration that it is the advertising channel with the highest accessibility.

There are important similarities between traditional billboards and vehicle wraps. What these two types of advertising have in common is that they are an easy and fast way to reach large audiences. It should also be noted that mobile advertising and traditional billboards offer a more economical option compared to many advertising options.

The Power of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is of great importance, especially for companies that have a distribution chain and want to deliver their products or services directly to the consumer. Mobile vehicles reach many more people, and it is possible to reach the target audience in a shorter time. It does not need to be constantly revised because images prepared as mobile advertisements can be used for a long time.

A lower budget than any budget required for television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and social media advertisements is sufficient for vehicle wrapping. Therefore, even companies that have budget problems can advertise with vehicle wrapping. Although mobile methods such as internet ads or advertising via SMS are still used, the return on investment of vehicle wrap ads is much higher when it comes to reaching the masses.

Measuring Access and Exposure

Measuring Access And Exposure

Is it possible to measure access rates after vehicle wrapping? To answer this question, it will be sufficient to review the brand’s product and service sales rates. Many brands have the comfort of reaching their sales targets after vehicle wrapping. This should be considered as the return on investment of vehicle wrap ads. Let us point out that every brand can measure the return on investment.

Naturally, it is difficult to tell how many people in total the advertisements in moving vehicles reached, with a net figure. However, estimated calculations can be made by considering the population density in the area where the vehicles move.

Calculating the Return on Investment for Vehicle Wraps

Calculating the ROI is quite easy. Brands should collect as much data as possible to calculate the return on investment of vehicle wrap ads. There are two successful formulas used in this calculation process. The first of these formulas can be explained as follows:

  • Net Income / Investment Cost x 100 = ROI

And the other formula is:

  • Current Value of Investment – Cost of Investment / Cost of Investment = ROI

Cost Comparison: Traditional Billboards and Vehicle Wraps

Location is one of the main factors considered when determining the cost of traditional billboards. The general cost is calculated through considering panel dimensions, elements to be used and population density. Within the scope of vehicle wrapping cost calculation, factors such as which vehicle will be wrapped, which parts of the vehicle will be wrapped, and the quality of the materials used are taken into consideration. The return on investment of vehicle wrapping advertisements will undoubtedly be more satisfactory if a professional work is done.

Local, Regional and National Access

It is possible for any business to benefit from vehicle wrapping. You should not be under the impression that the return on investment of vehicle wrapping advertisements will be high only for large-scale companies. Extremely successful work is carried out for small and medium-sized companies and high levels of returns can be achieved as vehicle wrapping works can provide returns on a local, regional, or national scale.

Businesses and brands of all sizes may request vehicle wrapping for various purposes. While these purposes may sometimes be product and service promotion, sometimes they may be about campaign announcements or increasing brand recognition. Moreover, these advertising activities can be used both in the short term and in the long term. If you have any doubts about this issue, you can contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and prepare a unique design for you.

Understanding Display

Understandig Display

Vehicle wrapping creates an extremely important impact for your brand in traffic. When outdoor advertising types are examined, it is undeniable that all of them create an impact. However, when it comes to vehicle wrapping, this effect is much greater and is often reflected in the studies conducted. The fact that the vehicle is in motion in the environment where the target audience lives is the reason why this effect is on a higher level. The fact that on-vehicle advertising is implemented in every country in the world is directly related to the return on investment of vehicle wrap advertisements.

Vehicle wrapping, one of the most effective tools in the advertising industry, can play an important role in brands’ implementation of their strategies. Door logos, regional wrapping or complete wrapping works ensure that the vehicle turns into a constantly moving billboard. This advertisement reaches tens of thousands of people a day. It is also an effective advertising tool in turning potential customers into real customers. It ensures that the brand’s message reaches the consumer directly. It makes it possible to remain in the minds of consumers with a catchy advertisement.

Case Study Examples: Successful Return on Investment with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is an advertising technique used since the 1950s. Its rapidly increasing popularity since then is due to the return on investment of vehicle wrapping advertisements. You can learn the benefits and returns of previous works for brands with short research. The main element that makes these works successful is that they are eye-catching advertisements. The vehicle being in motion is an important factor for it to draw attention. At the same time, the success of the design increases interaction.

The success rate of advertising activities increases if catchy images, slogans, or graphics are used. Vehicle wrapping is a type of work that significantly supports brand recognition. We must also underline that it is an advertising method that is constantly used by leading brands from almost every sector today.

Creating Impressive Wrapping Designs for Maximum Return on Investment

The design of the vehicle wrap directly affects the result. As the result is the return on investment of vehicle wrap advertisements, the design should be carefully considered. The purpose of these advertisements is primarily to be impressive and attract attention. At the same time, it must convey the message correctly to the target audience. Issues such as compliance with the brand’s vision and the visibility of the brand logo should also be taken into consideration. As a result, the key to success in vehicle wrapping is hidden in the right design.

Investment Protection and Longevity

If you choose the right company, the lifespan of the vehicle wrapping work will be long. If you want your vehicle wrapping advertisements to have a high return on investment, you will aim to benefit from this advertising work for a long time. Therefore, a work with high print quality and successful graphics and visuals must be produced. It is also important that the wrapping materials are resistant to all weather conditions. For this reason, you should make your choice without ignoring quality and contact us immediately.

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