Trailer Wraps

Are you seeking to refresh the appearance of your business trailer, transforming it from just another trailer on the road into a standout trailer? Perhaps you’re searching for a simple yet impactful way to add flair to your trailer for advertising your business. If so, custom trailer wraps is the ideal choice for you. Our dedicated team of graphic designers are ready to collaborate closely with you to create a unique trailer design that displays your business images, messaging, lettering, colors, patterns, or branding. 

What are trailer wraps?

Enclosed trailer wraps are custom-designed graphics crafted from top-tier materials like 3M and Avery Dennison cast vinyl. These materials are carefully chosen for their ability to adhere to the trailers exterior surface without causing any harm to the original paint. The average lifespan of these wraps are 6-8 years, and they can be removed at any time.

No matter your vision for your trailer wrap, our accomplished team of graphic designers are ready to assist you in creating a personalized design that incorporates your chosen colors, messaging, imagery, or patterns that fits your business. Our trailer designs are available in both full-wraps and partial-wraps, allowing you the flexibility to determine how much of the trailer’s surface you wish to cover. Our professional team has done multiple trailer wraps, including but not limited to: Cargo trailers, Enclosed Trailers, RV’S, Landscape Trailers, Race Car Trailers, Food Trailers, Mobile Detailing Trailers, and Masonry Trailers.

Trailer Graphics Tailored for Your Business

Establishing a consistent appearance for your corporate vehicles and trailers can significantly enhance your company’s image and increase brand recognition among prospective customers. Our committed team members collaborate closely with you throughout the entire journey of designing and installing the wrap, ensuring we meet your specific business needs and budget.

Our customized trailer wraps offer versatility by allowing you to showcase essential business information, such as contact details and particulars about your products or services. You also have the creative freedom to incorporate your preferred colors and images. Plus, these trailer wraps are fully mobile, making them an adaptable and impactful marketing tool.

Trailer Wrap Options

When it comes to trailer wraps, businesses have a range of choices to effectively promote their brand and increase visibility on the road. These options encompass full wraps, partial wraps, and spot graphics. Let’s delve into each type:


  • Full Trailer Wraps

A full wrap is a graphic design that covers the entire surface of a trailer, covering sides and back. This choice offers unmatched visibility, empowering businesses to make a bold branding statement.

  • Partial Trailer Wraps

Partial wraps involve graphic designs that cover specific sections of a trailer, such as sides or back. This option allows businesses to focus on particular areas while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

  • Spot Graphics/Lettering

Spot graphics entail individual decals or graphics applied to specific areas of a trailer, such as doors or sides. This flexible and budget-friendly method enables businesses to infuse subtle branding elements into their trailer aesthetics.

At iWrap Commercial, we provide a diverse array of trailer wrap options tailored to your branding requirements. Explore the perfect solution to transform your trailers into compelling marketing assets.

Trailer Wrap Options

At iWrap Commercial, our trailer wrapping process unfolds seamlessly from inception to completion:

Get Your Personalized Trailer Wrap from iWrap Commercial!

If you’re looking to get personalized wraps for your business trailers that will elevate your business’s presence, our committed graphic designers are ready to collaborate closely with you. We will design unique trailer wraps that will showcase your business for years to come. Contact our team today to discover how we can transform your ideal trailer wraps into reality.

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