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 How To Choose The Right Design For Your Vehicle Wrap?

How To Choose The Right Design For Your Vehicle Wrap?

Branding with vehicle wraps is one of the frequently preferred methods in recent years. Utilize vehicle wrapping works, take a shortcut to becoming a brand. So, how is the process? How to choose the right graphics and design? Here are the answers…

Understanding Your Brand Identity

First, the design must match the brand exactly. For this reason, it is important to clarify the mission and vision of the brand. Issues such as in which areas the brand wants to stand out or with what kind of message the products and services will be announced to the consumer should be emphasized.
All the design work is based on these factors we have listed. Therefore, understanding the brand identity is the route for the design to be used in vehicle wrapping works. However, it is also necessary to determine sales points that will directly reach the target audience.

Defining Your Goals

Design work on vehicle wrapping should not be done haphazardly. It should be designed in accordance with a main goal, and the question of what the goal is should be answered by the brand. Setting clear goals ensures that the design used to achieve these goals becomes more effective. From the graphics and images to the colors chosen, the entire work is built on achieving the goal. Therefore, the answer to the question “what do you want to achieve with vehicle wrap design” must be clear. This clarity gives significant momentum to the branding process with vehicle wraps.

Knowing Your Target Audience

As in all advertising activities, the goal of vehicle wrapping works is to turn potential customers into real customers. That’s why the target audience needs to be determined very well. If the ideal customers for the brand are determined, it is possible to prepare a design study suitable for this demographic. If the aim is to brand with vehicle wraps, this brand must be launched in accordance with your target audience. In conclusion, the aim should be to know the target audience well and to prepare a design work that will reach the target audience.

Design for Different Vehicle Types

Design for Different Vehicle Types
Different designs can be developed for each vehicle type. It is important that car, truck, pickup truck, and trailer wrappings are suitable for the type and model of the vehicle. A work that is clearly visible from every angle should be done. Of course, the design which will be prepared for this is supposed to be exactly suitable for both the shape and the model of the vehicle. It also would be beneficial to make sure that the vehicle type is suitable for the brand. If the branding is aimed to proceed smoothly with vehicle wraps, these factors we have listed should be emphasized.

Color Psychology in Vehicle Wrap Design

It is a known fact that colors have an impact on human psychology! The colors to be used in vehicle wrapping should not be chosen randomly. It is important that these colors suit your brand and reflect it. Therefore, we should never underestimate the impact and power of colors in branding with vehicle wraps. If you choose a professional company, you can easily choose the colors that best suit your brand, target audience and strategy. Contact us to get information about this.

Typography and Fonts

Advertisements on vehicle wrapping should be understood in a short time when looked at them because they will be seen while the vehicles are in motion. Therefore, it is important to choose readable and appropriate fonts and sizes. Of course, it should be ensured that the fonts are suitable for the brand as well as being easy to read. Every brand has a character and the fonts used should clearly reflect this character. We would like to emphasize that typography and font selection is a more sensitive issue, especially for businesses that are in the process of institutionalization and aiming to brand with vehicle wraps.

Logo Integration

The logo is the face of the brand and logo design is of great importance in branding with vehicle wraps. Brand recognition goals may not have been achieved yet, but the important thing is to ensure that the logo is identified with the brand. For this reason, the logo must be seen easily and clearly in the advertising work. In an advertising design to be made by a professional company, the most ideal scaling and sizing will be preferred for optimum visibility.
As much as brand recognition, it is also important that the logo is recognized and known. This is why all companies in the branding process pay maximum attention to logo design. Therefore, the placement of the logo also must be correct in vehicle wrapping works.

Balancing the Information and Visuals

An eye-straining image cannot be expected to be impressive. It is crucial that the images and information in vehicle wrapping advertisements are balanced. The right amount of information must be conveyed, and it is extremely important to use visuals that support this information. A complex message may not be able to reach the consumer and may cause the perception of the brand to change. If you have the goal of branding with vehicle wraps, you must ensure that information and visuals are in perfect balance. The way to do this is to work with a professional company.
Using the right colors in a design is not enough. It is also not adequate to have accurate images. Info and images should reach the target instantly. Information and images on moving vehicles may not be visible for long. Therefore, it must be emphasized that it contains a message that can be understood immediately. This message is sometimes given with words and sometimes with visuals. In some design works, words, and images complete or support each other. For an effective and striking image, the factor of balance should never be underestimated.

Creating a Visual Hierarchy

Creating a Visual Hierarchy
Let us underline that vehicle wrapping designs require multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience because for these works, a visual hierarchy needs to be created. As we mentioned before, the aim should be to enable people to receive the message at just one glance. Complex visuals fail to achieve their purpose. To prioritize the key messages in the design, this message must be used in the right place and in the right way. It is important to place colors, graphics, or logo in the design to support this message.
If you choose a professional and experienced company, you will be able to achieve your branding goal with vehicle wraps in a much shorter time. Because all these factors we have listed are taken into consideration and a perfect visual design is created. In this way, it becomes very easy to ensure that the brand’s message is received at just a glance.

Designing for Impact

The sole purpose of these advertisements is not for the target audience to see the advertisement. It is also intended to create an impact on the target audience. Therefore, choosing a vehicle wrap designed for impact is one of the important things when it comes to branding with vehicle wraps. The design must first attract attention. it is not possible for an image that does not draw attention to be examined by consumers.
The design that successfully achieves the goal of drawing attention should also create an impact on those who see it. This impact may sometimes be to make the product or service look attractive, and sometimes it may be to make people curious about the brand or campaign. This is why it is of great importance to use much more striking and braver images instead of classic ones. Images should be chosen appropriately, match the brand, and clearly reflect the intended message.
If you want to support your branding process with a professional vehicle wrapping work, call us. We are ready to develop effective solutions for you.


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