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 After-Care Tips For Maintaining Your Wrap

After-Care Tips For Maintaining Your Wrap

Tips for Long-Lasting and Vibrant Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping durability is the most frequently wondered topic by those who want to benefit from vehicle wrapping. Those who have never had a vehicle wrapped before thinking that the wrappings need to be changed very frequently. However, when professional vehicle wrapping work is done, its durability will be much longer. In this way, it will last much longer than expected.

As it is known, vehicle wraps are an important strategy in the advertising world. If it is designed successfully, a significant increase can be obtained in fields such as brand promotion and brand awareness. Naturally, vehicle wrapping durability is also important for this because even though it is a low amount of money that is allocated, brands still should make an investment for vehicle wrapping. This investment also needs to be solid. It is of great importance that the wrapping work resists time and looks as impressive, bright, and new as the first day. In this way, the vehicles in the fleet will continue to attract all attention.

So, what should be done and what should be paid attention to for the durability of vehicle wrapping? We give you all the tips for long-lasting and vibrant commercial vehicle wrapping.

Regular Cleaning Routine

The first rule that brands should set up for vehicle wrapping durability is to establish a regular cleaning routine. If cleaning is neglected, the wrappings may be damaged in a short time. No matter how high-quality materials are used, dirt on the wrappings will cause them to wear out and fade over time. Therefore, establishing and implementing a cleaning routine is an issue that should never be neglected regarding vehicle wrapping durability.

We recommend using a mild type of detergent for this. You should avoid using strong chemicals. You should also make sure that the sponge is soft. You should wash the vehicle with clean water. It is important that the detergent you choose is non-abrasive and does not damage vinyl and laminate.

Avoiding High Pressure Washing

Another thing to consider is to avoid high pressure. High pressure water is one of the most common mistakes in terms of vehicle wrapping durability. High pressure water used when cleaning wrappings may cause damage to the dressing. Therefore, when it comes to vehicle wrapping durability, one of the things to consider is to stay away from pressure washing techniques.

The question at this point is what the drawbacks of using high pressure water are. Unfortunately, high pressure water can get under the bandage. This causes peeling over time. A pressure setting below 2,000 psi will not cause any problems, but you should not go above this setting. If you use pressure washers, set the water pressure setting to below 2,000 psi.

Protecting from the Elements

Protecting from the Elements

Even if vehicle wrappings made from the highest quality materials are used, the harmful UV rays of the sun cause these wrappings to fade. Color fading is never a desired situation because it prevents the design from looking impressive. It is not possible to reflect the brand message in a striking way. Therefore, one of the rules that should be mentioned regarding vehicle wrapping durability is to protect vehicles from the sun as far as possible. This may not be possible when the vehicles are moving, but you can protect them from the sun while they are parked. You can also have a wrapping with UV protection.

Careful Driving Practices

Careful driving is already vital for your safety. It will also provide benefits in terms of vehicle wrapping durability. Even a slight scratch on the vehicle damages the integrity of the vehicle wrappings. A small scratch can be enough to start peeling over time. Preventing this can only be possible by driving carefully. First, safe driving practices must be preferred to protect your life and then your vehicle and wrapping material. It is necessary to avoid sudden stops and sharp turns. You must strictly obey all traffic rules to avoid possible damage.

Quick Repairs

If the wrapping is damaged, you can have it repaired quickly. It is generally thought that the damaged wrapping must be replaced. If there is minor damage, it is not necessary to replace the entire vehicle wrapping. This damage can be repaired, thus extending the durability of the vehicle wrapping. It is recommended to renew the wrappings only in case of excessive damage.

You should never forget that damage and peeling of the wrappings will also damage your brand image. To protect the brand image, the vehicle wraps in your fleet must look perfect and smooth. Otherwise, you may face the risk of creating a sloppy brand image, and to prevent this, you must comply with the vehicle wrapping durability rules.

Seasonal Checks

During winter, road dust can be corrosive to vehicle wrappings. In the summer, high temperatures negatively affect the adhesive material used to bond the wrappings. That’s why the durability of vehicle wrapping is important in all seasons of the year. Since each season poses a different threat to the wrappings, it is necessary to have them checked seasonally. If seasonal checks are carried out on time, it will be possible to take some protective measures. It may also be possible to preserve the brightness of the wrappings within the scope of protective measures. Let us underline that if seasonal checks are not disrupted, the lifespan of vehicle wrappings will be much longer.

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Professional Inspection

Professional Inspection

Make the necessary plans for a regular inspection with the vehicle wrapping company you choose. In this way, you will have taken one of the most important steps regarding the durability of vehicle wrapping. You should remember that professional inspection is important to detect possible problems with wrappings before they arise. A problem that you are not aware of can be noticed instantly by a professional team serving in this field. In this way, the necessary intervention is made and the problem is eliminated before it escalates.

It is important to identify potential problems in vehicle wrappings before they escalate and eliminate them with the most accurate methods because this is the only case in which the vehicle wrapping durability expectation can be met. If you get a contract with a professional company, the most accurate time slots for the inspection will be delivered to you. Additionally, you will be able to get expert advice on what you should pay attention to. By following these recommendations, you can ensure that your vehicle wraps last much longer than you expect.

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All the tips we have listed above will ensure that the wrappings of the vehicles in your fleet last much longer. All you need to do is to pay attention to all these issues for the durability of the vehicle wrapping. Now, you know much better what you need for a vehicle wrap that looks both vibrant and looks like the first day for a long time. You can also repair minor damage with appropriate maintenance methods.

To protect the image of your brand, have your vehicle wrapping work done by our professional teams. In this way, you will benefit from your investment much more efficiently. We act with an innovative approach not only in the application phase of wrappings but also in the design phase. We not only reflect the brand image and brand message in the clearest way, but also offer an extremely striking and memorable image.

After the design and implementation stages, contact us for maintenance and repair work. We can do unique works for you with our dynamic teams. Contact us immediately to repair damaged vehicle wrappings with the latest and most accurate techniques.

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